In an effort to provide critical early literacy support, SMART Reading offers a PreK delivery model that serves the entire Prekindergarten classroom. Students read one-on-one with volunteers in 15- or 20-minute sessions. Each volunteer reads with three or four students per hour. Students choose two books per month to keep.

Model Benefits

As with the Standard model, students receive one-on-one reading support from volunteers and choose books to keep. The PreK SMART program’s oral reading focus aligns with the literacy development stage of PreKindergarten students.

Volunteers model reading and foster an enjoyment of books providing PreKindergarten students with exposure to print and literature.

PreK SMART is scheduled as part of the curriculum. Students are divided into three or four groups and rotate every 15 or 20 minutes, depending on the site’s preference. As one group reads with SMART Reading volunteers, the other groups can be engaged in other classroom activities.

What Educators Say About PreK

“We run the SMART Reading program for our preschool children that will be going into kindergarten. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to get a jump start on reading, to see how a story works and to work on word recognition. This is a fantastic program for us.”

Educator, YMCA Tillamook