SMART Reading has partnered with communities across the country to develop local programs drawing on the success of the SMART Reading model while being tailored to local needs. To do this, we offer a comprehensive series of training modules that support the client in planning, piloting, and implementing the program:

  • Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation*: Includes processes and sample tools for evaluating outcomes and quality assurance, and considerations for time/resources required and rigor of various evaluation options.
  • Logistics and Operations*: Covers practical approaches, tools and templates for on-the-ground program implementation, including volunteer and student scheduling, permission slips, background checks, educator communication, space set-up, etc.
  • Volunteer Training: Readers*: Covers SMART Reading’s training strategy for reading volunteers, including best practices in adult learning; our training content on child safety, strategies for reading aloud with children, and equity and cultural responsiveness; and suggested bibliography of research articles and citations. includes volunteer training handbook template, on-site templates, and supplemental training tools and documentation.
  • Volunteer Training: Site Coordinators*: Includes training for leadership volunteers who supervise, coordinate, and oversee programs. Content outlines Site Coordinator training, including a month-by-month guide. Sample materials include a training handbook template, training checklist, and supplemental training tools and documentation.
  • Book Ordering, Distribution and Inventory*: Covers best practices and guidance on selecting and maintaining book inventories, structuring book giveaways, working with vendors, and includes introductions to SMART Reading’s book vendor contacts. Sample materials include book lists, order forms, distribution process guides, and book tracking logs.
  • Reader Management and Recruitment*: Provides comprehensive overview of best practices and processes of effective volunteer management with an emphasis on volunteer recruitment strategies and tools. Sample materials include recruitment planning tools, scheduling tools, risk management tools, and recruitment resources. (Note: This is typically a core module, but may not be necessary if all Readers are currently employed staff.)
  • Fundraising: Includes training from SMART Reading’s Development Team on our funding model, information on typical costs per student, approaches to cultivating community partnerships, and more.
  • Model Development: Includes guidance for a process of creating a program theory of change, including convening appropriate stakeholders, identifying key strategies and outcomes, articulating and documenting the theory of change, and translating the theoretical model into program implementation. This module is recommended only if the client plans to make significant adaptations from the SMART Reading model.

*A core module, which is typically required for a successful project. Non-asterisked modules may be helpful depending on your local needs.


If your organization is in the early stages of planning a program based on the SMART Reading model, our team would be happy to assist you in identifying and applying for funding opportunities. Modules can be purchased separately; a successful package typically requires the six core modules. Hourly consultation is also available. Standard fees for a consultation module include sample materials and/or material templates. Modules are customizable, and SMART Reading would be pleased to prepare a scope of work and quote once you have determined your specific needs.

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