Our Partners

SMART Reading has provided consultation services to organizations in Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Connecticut, and North Carolina, including nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and school districts. Our partners have adapted the SMART Reading model to better meet local needs, such as implementing the program in afterschool settings or employing school personnel to lead the program. SMART Reading can help your organization adapt the model to best meet your community’s goals and needs.

What Our Partners Say About Us:

“Working with SMART Reading helped our program start with a solid foundation. The SMART Reading consultants helped us think about the details large and small that we needed to plan for and provided us with the tools necessary to start our own program.”

— Ilissa Twomey, Assistant Superintendent, Education Services, at Inyo County Superintendent of Schools in Independence, Calif.

“Working closely with SMART Reading has enabled us to get our program up and running smoothly. They are a phone call or an email away to help with any need. We are so grateful to have this partnership to lead us through the beginning stages of our work. The training and materials provided were extremely beneficial when training our volunteers!”

— Molly Groves, Site Coordinator at Heroes Read in Raleigh, N.C.

“We began our program mid-year during the 2015-2016 school year, so we are in our 3rd year of a well-running program.  We have two great coordinators and wonderful volunteers in the school where we began.  Even though the principal and first grade teachers have changed, all remain committed to the program as they recognize its value for the students.  A literacy coach who worked in the school commented that the program is great because it not only promotes academic success but also promotes vital skills not measured by tests such as speaking, listening, questioning and decision making. Although our organization has a long history of placing volunteers in classrooms to tutor students throughout the district, establishing a program like this would have been a challenge without SMART Reading.  The support of SMART Reading staff and the customizable materials were invaluable in launching the program.”

— Anne Gribbon, Executive Director of School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport in Connecticut.