Reading with Children: Developing Readers

The process of reading with children varies greatly depending on their age and where they are in the process of learning to read. Here, we’ve listed some information about what to expect and strategies for reading with developing readers.

The Child:

  • Can combine strategies when identifying unknown words
  • Reads with confidence and expression
  • Can read many words without struggle; needs help occasionally
  • Wants to show you that he or she can read

The Books:

  • Contain more complex patterns and more challenging rhymes
  • Contain sentences made up of mostly simple, familiar vocabulary
  • Have a few difficult or unusual vocabulary words spread throughout the text

Reading Strategies:

  • Give the child lots of time practicing reading to build confidence. Children cannot become fluent readers if they are not accurately reading words.
  • Model fluent reading by reading aloud with expression.
  • Encourage the child to read a variety of literature to gain exposure to different kinds of reading.
  • Encourage comprehension by asking questions about what the child is reading.