If you are volunteering in a SMART program working with kindergarten through third-grade students, the following videos are optional training resources for supporting SMART students in building a love of reading.

Training Videos:

Reading Techniques to Engage Kids

This video demonstrates various reading techniques, like reading with expression or asking what a child thinks will happen next, that can make reading aloud an even more engaging experience for kids.

Reading With Pre-Readers

This video provides information about reading with pre-readers, such as young children in PreK or Kindergarten. It covers why reading aloud is so critical at this developmental stage, and includes tips on what you can expect when reading with young children.


Five Ways You Can Support Early Literacy

This video provides practical tips that you can use when you are reading with students to support their early literacy development.


Supplemental Training Videos:

Culturally Responsive Approaches to Literacy

Joyce Harris of Education Northwest talks to SMART volunteers about culturally specific strategies to keep in mind when working with students.


Tips for Reading with PreK Students

Head Start teacher Lisa Victorine provides tips for SMART Readers working with PreK students.