In our work to improve the lives of Oregon children through reading, we are joined by countless community organizations, passionately united in the common cause of educating our youth. Education is a responsibility shared by many parents, teachers, public schools, government institutions and private organizations. SMART Reading works with a number of organizations to improve and expand our service offerings and, ultimately, help to create better, brighter futures for children across the state.

Early Literacy Success Alliance

The Early Literacy Success Alliance (ELSA) is a coalition of Oregon nonprofit partners and public libraries dedicated to providing children and their families with the access, support, resources, and instruction they need to establish a strong foundation of literacy.

Collectively, we serve as valuable allies to the public education system with a proven impact on early literacy. We support educators, schools and school districts, and families by applying our mutual skills and resources to help ensure children are prepared for successful futures.

ELSA Members:

  • Metropolitan Family Service
  • Reach Out and Read Oregon
  • Reading Results
  • The Shadow Project
  • SMART Reading

To learn more about ELSA, visit

Community SMART

In light of research proving the importance of out-of-school time (OST) in children’s learning and development, SMART Reading is piloting a new OST model that will be delivered outside of the school day in partnership with community organizations. To learn more about SMART Reading’s OST model, click here. 

Oregon Cultural Trust

The Oregon Cultural Trust provides funding to more than 1,400 cultural nonprofits, including SMART Reading. Those funds are provided by Oregonians like you who receive a cultural tax credit for their donation to the cultural trust. Click here to learn more.