Thank you for your interest in bringing SMART Reading to your school community. We would love to work with you to determine if the SMART Reading program is a good fit for your site.

Our program is in high demand, and we strive to ensure that each new site is established with utmost thought and care, focused on meeting our mutual needs and priorities.

Many factors contribute to a successful SMART Reading program, including a strong commitment on the part of school leadership and teachers, and support from the surrounding community to provide volunteers and resources to help the SMART Reading program thrive.

A truly successful SMART Reading program happens when there is strong, clear communication between the principal, participating teachers, and SMART Reading Site Coordinator with a high level of engagement at all levels.

SMART Reading New Site Criteria

Priority will be given to sites with the following criteria:

  • Schools rated as Level 1 or Level 2 by ODE school rating system
  • High percentage of students identified as economically disadvantaged
  • Superintendent recommendation
  • Compatibility of SMART Reading and school, including factors such as reading space, school culture, and scheduling/time
  • SMART Reading’s current capacity to effectively serve the site

SMART Reading New Site Application Process and Timeline


  • December-January: SMART Reading begins the planning process for the following school year and determines the capacity for growth in each area.
  • January-February: Interested sites reach out to SMART Reading office and schedule a screening/orientation meeting to discuss process and eligibility. If SMART Reading has openings available, eligible sites will be invited to apply, and invited applications will submit a completed application.


  • March: New site applications for next school year are due.
  • March-April: SMART Reading selects new sites.
  • March-May: Orientation and planning meetings with new sites.
  • May: Teacher orientation.


  • June: Partnership formalized via signed Partnership Agreement.
  • June-September: SMART Reading and site work together to recruit volunteers.


  • August-September: SMART Reading conducts teacher orientation and principal meetings with new sites.
  • September: SMART Reading recruits and trains Site Coordinators.
  • October: SMART Reading program starts.

SMART Reading New Site Inquiries

To begin the process of applying to have SMART Reading at your site, please fill out this form. A member of our team will then be in touch with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at