Literacy Summit: Speaker Resources

On Thursday, Oct. 21, we held our first Literacy Summit, Empowering Oregon’s Youngest Readers for Success. At the Summit, we convened a group of education and policy leaders to discuss the state of early literacy in Oregon and share strategies for supporting reading development and social-emotional learning for our state’s youngest students. Our speakers have shared the following resources from their presentations. 

On Wednesday, May 18, we held our second Literacy Summit, A Story Like Mine, all about the importance of diversity and representation in children’s books. We heard from librarians, authors, nonprofit leaders, booksellers and educators about why representation matters, what trends they’re seeing nationally, and what you can do to help ensure the kids in your life have access to an inclusive bookshelf. And we were delighted to be joined by Jelani Memory, owner and founder of A Kids Company About (and author of A Kids Book About Racism). Danielle Jones of Multnomah County Library shared the following presentation:

We also encourage you to check out the websites of the other featured speakers: