Three SMART Generations

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As many who volunteer know, volunteering feeds the soul of the volunteer as much as those who are on the receiving end. At SMART, we hear time and… Read More ›

Why Reading at Home is Important

10 Ways to Spark Engagement with Books and Reading

10 ways to spark engagement with books and reading

10 Ways to Spark Engagement with Books and Reading from SMART Reading Reading is the gateway to learning, opening doors to faraway adventures, new possibilities and a promising future…. Read More ›

What You Can Do at Home to Inspire Literacy

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Studies have shown that the single greatest predictor of a child’s academic achievement is parental involvement. In fact, every action you take sets an example for your child…. Read More ›

The Best Defense Against Bullying: Arming Your Kids With Stories

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Pam Allyn, founder and executive director of LitWorld and LitLife, wrote an excellent blog entry about how books can help both bullies and their victims cope with life’s… Read More ›

Importance of Reading Aloud

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Reading aloud to young children is the single most effective thing parents can do to help prepare their children to succeed in school. Unfortunately, fewer than half of U.S…. Read More ›