How SMART Reading is Organized

SMART Reading is overwhelmingly a volunteer-driven organization, with a small team of staff members who help organize the work. Click below to expand each section and read more about the team that makes SMART Reading happen.


children at school

SMART Reading serves over 11,000 PreK through third-grade children each year, all across Oregon. Teachers select children they feel will most benefit from SMART Reading. For example, they may select:

  • Students who would benefit from one-on-one reading time
  • Students who would benefit from opportunities to increase enjoyment of reading
  • Students who would benefit from selecting their own books to keep
  • Students who are not being served in other programs
  • Students participating in Virtual SMART also need access to a reliable internet connection and a device that can support a video call
Volunteer Readers

5,000 Volunteer Readers are at the heart of SMART Reading's success each year. Volunteer Readers commit to read with children for just one hour per week (or more depending on volunteer needs and availability).

Volunteer Readers can participate in any of the SMART Reading models depending on what's available in their area: Virtual SMART, Classroom Read-Alouds, Pen Pal or in-person SMART.

Click here to access our Virtual Volunteer Reader position description.

Volunteer Site Coordinators

With 350 Volunteer Site Coordinators across Oregon, each SMART Reading site depends on one or a team of these dedicated volunteers to implement and oversee the program, both in-person and virtually. Just like Volunteer Readers, Volunteer Site Coordinators are not paid staff. The Volunteer Site Coordinator works with school personnel, SMART Reading staff, and Volunteer Readers, and will be your first line of support whenever you have questions.

Click here to access our Virtual Volunteer Site Coordinator position description.

Program Managers

Program Managers are employees of SMART Reading, and are responsible for implementation of SMART Reading programs in a specific region of the state. Program Managers provide support to Volunteer Site Coordinators at all of the sites in their region.

Additional SMART Reading Staff

SMART staff

SMART Reading also employs a small number of additional staff at our statewide office. These staff support SMART Reading in a variety of ways, including program development, communications, technology, and administrative support.